Dan Winter Explains Concept

The stock and Forex markets were a perfect environment to leverage our technology that understands oscillations in financial markets are biologically induced. By adjusting the threshold conditions to say when there are dominant harmonics present in a stock or Forex price history - the shape of the next move can be used to identify the next likely direction.

Take a look at independent trades, statistics and proof of concept charts. The living wave function happens because when a million people are involved in the stock market - it is a living event, that has "emerged from chaos." It creates a pattern, an emotion, a movement, an expression, a 'predictable order' that can be measured, tested, validated and used as a tool for stock market analysis.

ANY wave form that enters into implosive collapse or "compression" -has therefore become part of a self organizing system. By applying unique IP mathematics - we can powerfully look at stock analysis- in a far more subtle and sensitive manner- for the well known Golden Ratio-indicators of the moment of self-organization. Any wave shape- which is going to emerge from chaos - is going to exhibit these characteristics.


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