Fractal Wave Trading Principle

A trading platform designed for propagation, trend change levels and price directions.

Market fractals are trend changes. The stock price sequences manifest fractally as in nature.Only certain stocks fall fully into the predictable ‘fractal wave’ forecasting category. Our propriety algorithm software automatically determines this. Out of thousands of stocks it might only select 4-8 stocks per week. Each wave has a certain fractal character to it. The whole pattern of the stock market is fractal in nature, just like a person is a fractal part of their society and acts in resonance, an individual stock is part of the whole market and acts in resonance. Fractal pattern formation is fundamental. Any one fraction of complex systems implies order and structure as every piece is a manifestation of the whole.

 A fractal wave algorithm identifies a serial stream of fluctuations due to the supply and demand factors as well as the biological oscillations of the millions of consciousnesses  participating in the marketplace. Stock price movements (also fractal) - are cyclical and spiral as in nature, which is why history repeats itself. Because of the process of fractals, repetition is expressed   at every phase of fractal expression. Thus within a reasonable degree of accuracy, we can predict how stock prices will react to a given set of conditions. This is because stock market movement is a manifestation of the actions of mass trading as a whole. Since human consciousness follows fractals, and humans created the stock market, the individual stock price movement also unfolds in a fractal manner.

"In order to model the stock market, one must use fractals."
 - Benoit Mandelbrot


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