Proof of Concept Testing

Chart 1

Chart 1 shows an example of a short signal in ACXM, with an entry indicated at the first purple dot and the
exit at the second.  Again, both the entry and exit signals were given before the trade was entered.

Chart 2

After the long entry signal shown for TLAB in Chart 2 (red circle), the stock went down first, held prior support,
and then rallied to the target shortly thereafter.Note that once target was hit, as indicated by the Oscillator, TLAB then sold off.
Too tight of a stop would be detrimental here, so it is important to have proper stops and funding.

Chart 3

Again, in Chart 3, for SEE, we see a long entry (red circle) signal, followed by an initial sell off, but
ultimately, the stock reached its target (tip of red arrow), before declining again.

Chart 4

Chart 4 shows a short signal for PLL, where once again, when the target is hit, the
stock quickly rallies, illustrating the significance of knowing the exit at the time of entry.
It doesn’t always occur like that, but it happens enough times to make the FractalWave
Oscillator a confident signal generator for a robust portfolio trading system.
It can be an asset to anyone’s trading toolbox.
Every evening you can run the system to help you select good options
for trading and to help confirm some of your own choices.


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